Little Big Night

Little Big NightWednesday, May 3
6:30pm – 7:30pm | First Floor, Student Building

What is Little Big Night?
An engaging, fun and Christ-centered experience for ages 2 -11 years. This monthly program is lead by high school and junior high students with a variety of activities: worship, crafts, games and Bible learning. Join us for a great night of energy, enthusiasm and learning!

Children are assigned to age-appropriate small groups and are encouraged to wear a color t-shirt to identify age groups! Colors add to the GREAT FUN!
Ages 2-4 years | WEAR BLUE
Ages 5-7 years | WEAR RED
Ages 8 -11 years | WEAR GREEN

Why 6:30pm?
It is important to us for you to be here with us for this special night. But, we understand family dynamics and bedtime. So, we changed the time to 6:30pm so you could get your kids home and in bed earlier. We hope this motivates and encourages you to join us tonight!

Please spread the word and encourage other parents to bring their kids. If you have any questions regarding tonight, message us  and we will answer as soon as possible!

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